Upgrade From CD ROM to DVD Burner

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My goal, in the short space this article allows, will be to tell you how to upgrade from a CD-ROM, to a DVD burner.

First, unplug your computer, and disconnect all cables leading to the keyboard, mouse, printer, and monitor. Remove the computer’s side panel.
Before reaching inside the computer, discharge your body’s static electricity by touching metal. If you have one, use an anti-static strap that you can attach to your wrist, grounding the other end to an outlet.
Now, look at the back of your CD-ROM. You will see three cables connected to it. There will be a small audio cable, a large ribbon cable, and a power cable.

Unplug these carefully. The ribbon cable, and the power cable will be especially tight.

With the cables unplugged, now turn your attention to the sides of the CD-ROM. You will notice it is held in by two screws on each side. Remove the screws.

Warning: please do not use a magnetic screwdriver while working on a computer. Remember, your computer stores data magnetically. Think of the mischief it could cause.

After the screws are removed, slide the CD-ROM out the front of the case.
Note that on the back of the CD-ROM is a rectangle containing six pins. Two of these pins will be jumpered together. Directly above the jumper will be the letters “CS”, “SL”, or “MA”. Remember this setting!

Take your new DVD burner, and look on the back of it for that jumper. Put the jumper in exactly the same setting as on the back of the old CD-ROM.
If, for instance, it was underneath the letters “MA”, then set the jumper to “MA” on your new DVD burner.

These letters “MA” stand for Master, meaning it is the master device on the ribbon cable. “SL” means Slave, and “CS” stands for Cable Select.
Slide the DVD burner into the front of the case, getting it flush with the front surface. Attach it to the chassis, using the two screws on each side that we removed earlier.

Plug in the audio cable, the ribbon cable, and the power cable. The power cable is keyed so it can only be plugged in one way, and the ribbon cable port has a pin missing that corresponds to a blank spot in the plug, so these are easy to get in right. The audio cable is trickier. You must turn it so the white wire is pointed toward the ribbon cable.

Put the side panel back on and reconnect the monitor, keyboard, mouse, and any other devices you may have. Hook up the power cable, and boot up.
Any Windows operating system 98SE or later will recognize your new equipment and load the appropriate drivers.
You are ready to burn DVD’s!

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