Choosing The Right Flat Panel Monitor For You

Posted on February 4, 2016 By

Choosing The Right Flat Panel Monitor For YouFor anyone that still has the huge computer monitor that takes up half your desk, this is a great time to consider choosing a flat panel monitor. They not only take up very little room on your desk, but also represent style and fashion that gives your office or room a modern look.

Since the flat screen monitor came on the market, not only has it gone down drastically in price but also the variety of flat screen monitors has increased. There is now a model and price range to suit almost everyone’s budget. When choosing a flat panel monitor, there are some things you should consider.

Prices on flat panel monitors vary by size and manufacturer so shop around and compare the prices to get a great monitor at reasonable cost. Prices vary but on average, the fifteen inch to nineteen-inch monitor’s average price range is $200 – $700.

If your monitor does not refresh or redraw itself at a high enough frequency, flickering occurs. When choosing a flat panel monitor, select one with a refreshing or redraw rate of at least 70 Hz or higher. This way you are not bothered with flickering.

Remember when choosing a flat panel monitor that the dot pitch on a monitor should be small as the picture is sharper. The highest dot pitch you should go is .28 so you have a clear, sharp picture.

The two most common resolutions used on a flat panel monitor are 800×600 and 1024×768. If you try a higher resolution, it fits more on the screen but is harder on you eyes. Some people work around this by adjusting the internet browser font size.

Choosing a flat panel monitor means choosing one that has a great contrast ratio. This measures the difference between the darkest black and brightest white. The most common contrast ratio is 300:1

By following these guidelines, choosing a flat panel monitor will be less confusing and you will end up with a monitor perfect for you.